Since a kid I was interested in electronics. I often disassembled things and try to understand how they work. So I ended up studying Biomedical Engineering. But do to various events after finishing technical university I started to work as sysadmin there. Having solid background in electronics, signal processing and low level programming (some asm, VHDL, some higher level lang like C, etc) I really understand how computers works. This was really helpful in daily job as a sysadmin. But long before DevOps was a thing I noticed that in order to improve further as sysadmin I must improve my coding skills. I had some programming background but writing for Atmega, PIC or some Xilinx FPGA chip is quite different comparing to PC/Web development. So I bought book about PHP 4.something and started to read (PHP was very popular at that time, at least among beginners). This allowed me to start creating some basic internal sites/tools that helped with daily work. In few clicks I was able to make basic deploy, reconfigure firewall or get some stats from server. Since then I moved from university to mobile gaming company and after few years to one of the biggest European banks where I’m currently a senior Site Reliability Engineer. Apart from that I’ve also lectures and lab about basic IT security at the university. IT dev side I’ve moved from PHP to TypeScript and Golang with short periods of Python and JavaScript in between. After all this time (and few books later) I’m considering myself an intermediate level developer. I’m also trying to make some web games for myself and write this blog so others could improve their IT skills.