Welcome on my blog. First of all big thank you! While reading this you are spending one of most valuable resource: your time. On this blog you will find various articles that will help you improve your IT skills in general. There will be something about programming and something about tools. And from time to time also something about being efficient in everyday job. I hope that everyone will find something interesting no mater if they are IT RockStar or a total beginner. Although most of my posts will be directed toward all those non software developers working in IT. Such as DevOps, SysAdmins, Testes, PMs or developers that want to know a bit more about SysAdmin/DevOps world. This doesn’t mean that there will be no coding. There will be lot of it. I don’t say that it will be clean and perfect code as I’m also still learning. But it will be well described and hopefully working. I hope that this blog will allow you to work more efficiently and advance you career. All posts describe my personal point of view/approach on various things. You absolutely don’t need to agree with it, but its also good to know others people point of view. You can always discuss it in comments if you like.

Now why I decided to start writing this blog? There are many IT blogs out there but large part of them mostly describes solutions to some specific problems or tutorials on how to setup ‘x’. I would like to inspire you to try new things and improve your IT skills and productivity. So you will find here post about various IT related stuff. Bit of Linux sysadmin things, something on software development and from time to time non technical stuff.

If you are a person that like trying new things and constantly improve then I hope this will be a blog for you. It will be written from a perspective of sysadmin that learned a bit about coding and software design. I’m also open on any feedback, you can find links to my social profiles in menu on the left. If you want to know a bit more about me check this page.